July Hot 14: Krui Left

Krui surfs were working this morning, but they were small. when I arrived at the beach at about 8:30, Krui Left was small, low tide, and there was nobody in the water. A surfer from Karang Nyimbur came to the beach to check, but he didn’t get into the water. He didn’t even bring his surf board. “Karang Nyimbur was small when I left the camp at about 8,” he said.

Going the The Peak, I found it was small too. It was even smaller than the other small days, and inconsistent. Three people were seen in the water but they rarely caught a wave. They just hang out in the water.

Turning back to Krui Left at 9:00, I saw five people in the water. The surf was getting bigger but inconsistent. When it’s big, it was about two and a half feet. But when it was small, it was just as small as one feet. A few minutes after 9, another surfer came to join in so they were six people in the water. No other surfers come until I left the beach at about 10:00.

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