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Karang Nyimbur
Are you a big-wave surfer?, a smaller one?, or you are a kook? Come to the right place where you can meet the edge of wilderness…! You are all welcomed to our collection of big and small waves, right or lefthanders, remote from crowds, warm water, great weather, and nice people!. All you have to do is get your ass move and catch a plane to Jakarta, Indonesia. Then, you can take another flight to Bandarlampung (southern most of Sumatera) in the province of Lampung, or, otherwise, you can catch a through bus ‘Krui Putra” from Jakarta to Krui.

If you got a map and you can read, you can check the place in the map. First, make sure that you check the map of Lampung Province. Then, pay attention to the coastal side on the west part of the province. There you can find the small town of Krui. Range along the coastal side of West Lampung, the place is the surfing paradise, it is there that the Holy Grail of all surfers located.

Krui on the map (see the circle)
Places to surf.

Staying in Krui, you’ll never spend a day lacking of surf. There are a lot of surfing spots that you can choose in whether south, north of town, or even in town itself, small or big. In town, there are two about eight feet surfs, righthanders, and lefthanders. While a few miles away there are a lot of surfs that never really got smaller than overhead. You can check the ‘Sumatran Pipeline’(Ujung Bocor), Karang Nyimbur, ‘Drew’s’, ‘Jimmy’s’ and "Jenni's". Most days are plain excellent, and the crowd usually consisted of no more than six guys.

How to get there and away.

From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Bandarlampung (it’s about 30 minutes flight). Then, take a taxi from the airport to Bandarlampung Rajabasa bus terminal. Next, take a bus to Krui (‘Krui Putra’ is the only regular bus taking this route.). Otherwise, you can take a through bus from Jakarta Kalideres bus terminal (twice a day, at 11.30 a.m and 13.30 p.m) .The through bus from Kalideres to Krui is also named ‘Krui Putra’. From here you can choose an AC bus or a regular bus. If you miss the through bus for the day, you can, alternately, take a bus to Bandarlampung. And then, take "Krui Putra" from Rajabasa bus terminal in Bandarlampung to Krui (if you take other than "Krui Putra" bus, you may not come to Krui at once). To get away from Krui is also easy. Everyday, buses (Krui Putra) to Jakarta starts at 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock, while 'SAN travel' (other bus) stsrts later at 6 o'clock. Krui Putra bus that starts at 1 o'clock is a 30 seats bus, while the one that starts at 2 o'clock is a long bus (coach) with 60 seats. If you've got long legs, you'd better choose the long bus for you'll have enough spaces to stretch your crane legs.

Places to stay.

Arriving in Krui, you’ll be in good hands. There are many places to stay in. In town hub, you can stay in ‘Sempana Lima’, ‘Selalaw’, "Monalisa" or a bit away, ‘Janitra’. ‘Sempana Lima’ is anything about practicality. Just in front of the hotel, there’s a nice and cheap restaurant, while a stone’s throw away, there is the market where you can buy everything of your daily needs.

Getting around in Krui

To get around in Krui, you can charter a van or a bemo or a wagon for about 150.000 rupiah a day (and you'll have to buy the gas). Otherwise, you can rent a bike (40.000a day. Be careful if you rent a bike because the owner of the bike will claim your accountability for any damages to the bike you made (if you lost the bike, you'll have to change it to a new one). Care should also be taken when you park the bike while you're in the water. Parking the bike in a quiete place where not many people watching, will give a thief a chance to steal it. (Many surfers lost their bike while they were surfing.) Getting around Krui with public transport is another choice, but not many surfers do this, because sharing a bemo with local people with all their stuffs piled up to your nose, and pungents of their unbath armpits stick on your nose is not at all fun, not to mention the time you waste to walk and wait for them. But if you kind of enjoying social lives with locals as well as enjoying them making fun of you, then a public transport is worth a try.

Places to eat

You can eat at the everywhere ‘warung makan’ where there is a variety Indonesian food available. ‘Warung makan’ with ‘Masakan Padang’ sign means that you’ll have to be ready to eat some fatty food with coconut milk and beef or fish laden with chili. If you fancy some hot stuffs, don’t miss this one. Besides ‘Masakan Padang’, you can also enjoy ‘Masakan Jawa’ (not a brand name) which is quite contrary to ‘Masakan Padang’, doesn’t taste a bit hot.


You'll have to make yourself loaded with cash (Rupiah) before you come to Krui. Neither ATM card nor traveler's cheque nor money changer works in this town. The nearest ATM is in Liwa the county seat, 30 km from Krui town. Though it's not very far away, but a trip from Krui to Liwa is arduous because the road runs up hill winding with a lot of abrupt turns. No bank will take traveler's cheque in Liwa. If you don't mind losing, you can change your money with local people on the street.

check this vid

Update: Now that you don't have to worry about cash. Starting July 25, 2011, an ATM is operated in Krui. It is in downtown Krui, in front of Bank Lampung, not far from Krui left. C'mon, go and get your ATM cards, and make sure you still have enough credit.

More update: Now there is another ATM works in Krui. This new ATM located at Bank BRI, past the market, in the town center, about one km from the other ATM. This new ATM can take your Master Cards, Cirrus, and others.

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