The Peak Wednesday

Krui surfs were working this morning, but they were not fun enough. When I arrived at the beach earlier, at about 09:10, both Krui Right and Krui Left were small with nobody out. It was overcast and drizzling like going to rain. But when I came back home, the sun shone back and it was clear.

And when I checked The Peak at about 09:50, I saw the surf working with two people out, and two other at the beach, putting on their gears, about ready to hit the water. And when I turned my head to The Leftover, I saw it working big as well, but nobody out.

The Peak was bigger but it wasn’t like perfect with barrels. The swells were like breaking all the way from the peak to the bottom. But later, they got better in shape and bigger in size.

And when I came back to check Krui Left, I saw it working a little bit bigger with about four or five people in the water. The Right was also bigger than it was earlier in the morning with one surfer out.

According to Lucy, Mandiri was big but it was closing out with nobody surfed.

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