Krui Surfs Wednesday

No good. That may be the right words to describe Krui surfs this morning. The other words are: small, onshore, peaky, overcast, and quiet. When I arrived at the beach at about 10:20, Krui Left was working small but it turned bigger sometimes. Six people were seen in the water, and I saw at least two waves were as big as two and a half foot.

Turning to The Peak, I saw the surf was even worse. It worked but onshore wind made it messy. Two guys who I saw far away at The Leftover were swimming back to The Peak when it turned bigger. And then one guy from the camp in front of The Peak joined in, so there were three people in the water. But one guy gave up after taking one or two waves, and when I left the place a few minutes later, there were two people in the surf.

PS: I met four Portuegeses and one Spanish coming to check, but they left the beach after a few minutes. The Spanish guy who was staying at Mandiri told me it was a mess at Mandiri with only a few people out.  

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