Sherif Shaaban

You cannot bet someone’s nationality only by his name. I can’t either.

My encounter with Sheriff Shaaban on Facebook made me wonder. I rarely found names like Hasan, Sharif, Omar, etc. join my Facebook Group ‘Krui Surfs 2.’ However, when he asked to join my group, I just approved him. He joined my group after his friend who already a member told him about the group.

One day, I took some pictures at Krui Left and posted some of them on the group. Unintentionally, one of the pictures was his. Since he wasn’t a member of the group yet, he asked to join the group and contacted me soon after he was approved, asking whether I could take some more pics of him the next day at the left. I said OK, and we never talked about the price.

The next day, I shot the right and the left hoping that I would meet him at the beach, or took him surfing in the water. However, I wasn’t sure which one was him. I looked at a big guy in the water and I wished it had been him.

But after nearly two hours of shooting, I still had no clue.

But what a coincidence, after I had packed my gears and ready to hit the road to get back home, someone came approaching me with his bike, together with his other two friends.

What a nick of time, I would have missed him If I had gone a few seconds earlier

“Are you Hasim?” he asked.

Got the password. He is Sherif.


Sherif is an Egyptian. And for God’shake, this is the first time I met a surfer from Egypt. Though this is not the first time he came to Krui. I didn’t meet him on his first stay.

Sheriff works as a captain of a cargo ship. He has been traveling all around the world with the cargo.

“Do you the city at every port of call?” I asked.

“Yes if we have time,” he replied.

“At some countries, we stop for three days to six days till the cargo finish unloaded. We have enough time to see the cities. But in Japan, no chance. They finish unloading the cargo in three hours. Japanese are very fast.” 

Making a deal with Sherif was easy. He didn’t fuss about the price much as other guys do.

Nce to meet you Sherif.

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