Krui Is Now A New-Established County

Krui and all the area in its coastlines is now a new-established county, apart from Lampung Barat its mother county, according to the legislation that was ratified by the National Parliament in Jakarta, Oct 25, 2012, after being struggle for its establishment for ten years.  The name of the new county is Kabupaten Pesisir Barat (West Coast County) and is still part of Lampung Province.

The area of Kabupaten Pesisir Barat includes all the coastal sides along the coastlines, from Lemong up north where Jimmy is down Bengkunat Belimbing in the very tip of Sumatera down south.

Krui dalam persiapannya menjadi Kabupaten Baru di Lampung
Map of Kabupaten Pesisir Barat
It’s a big moment for Krui people. Being independent and having their own local government is a dream comes true for all the people in the area. While there is always a chance for this area to be established as a different county and has its own local government, but the effort seemed to have been harder since the SBY administratives was to restrict all the establishments of new county.

Actually, Krui people has appealed for their own established-county, separated from Lampung Barat, since 2002. And the parliament in Jakarta has issued a bill proposing its establishment to be ratified into legislation since 2008. But after years of hard struggle the bill is only at last passed in this late October, 2012. 

By having its own local government, Krui people are now hopeful that all of the county’s potentials can be explored and exploited to the maximum for the welfare of the local people. Indeed this county has a lot of resources that need to be examined. The natural resources like the forest and the sea need a better management so it can procure more incomes to develop the county as well as the people.

Krui people believe that only by having their own government this all potentials can be better managed and better exploited. Krui people is now expecting some good and well dedicated people to run a good governance in this county so as to bring the county to a betterment in the future.

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