Krui Surfs Saturday

All Krui surfs worked this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:40, I saw Krui Left was working small, about two feet at the biggest sense, and five people were out in the water. The surf wasn’t very clean, the water was a bit choppy, and the wind kind of onshore. However, the morning was extremely beautiful.

And when I moved to The Peak at about 10:10, I saw the surf working too, and a guy about to hit into the water. This guy, who is staying at the camp in front of the surf, told me that there had been nobody out earlier in the morning. “It was kind of small,” he said, “and now it’s getting bigger.” And so he enjoyed the surf for himself.  

However, there came three other surfers at about 10:30 to join in, and so there were four people all together. Not like being too crowded, the first guy gave up and came out of the water a few minutes later. And when I left the place, the three guys were still in the water.

And when I came back to Krui Left, the surf was still working the same size, but there were more people in the water; there were about seven altogether.

However, Krui Right that was small earlier in the morning, was getting bigger this time, and I saw three people out. This is the first time I saw The Right being surfed this year. But this three guys didn’t look like enjoying the surf very much. They quit not long after I saw them in the water. And when I left the beach at about 11:45, The Right was empty, and about four surfers were left in The Left.

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Dan Webster Photography on April 28, 2013 at 4:13 AM said...

Hi Hasim,
I found your excellent blog today and would like to thank you for all of your great up to date information about Krui and Lampung. I wlll be arriving with a friend 12-22 of may and would like to get in touch when we are there to get some advice and maybe some photography.
Please let me know if this is cool and how to meet up when we get there. thanks


Hasim said...

Hi Dan,

Of course this is cool. I like to meet and greet people. I often hang out at the beach when the surf is on to take some photos. We can meet at Krui Left then.


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