Krui Airport To Open In 2013

Directorate General of Air Transportation is going to put Krui Airport in operation on 2013. Raden Inten II Airport in Bandarlampung, the mother airport, has stationed some of their staffs at Krui airport due to the preparation of the incoming operation, as the emissary of Directorate General of Air transport in Jakarta said to the local government of Lampung Barat and the board of local administrative of the sub-district and local people of Krui in a hospitality gathering at the airport, Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Mersusi, the Public Relation coordinator of Raden Inten II, the mother airport, said that they have asked the airline companies to open a new route to Krui.

As a pioneer airport with a 1,100 meter runway, Krui airport is projected to be able to land MA-60 airplanes which can take 50 passengers.

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