This Boy Turned Docile before Drowning

Prolog: Seven teenage-boys from Liwa, the neighboring town of Krui, drowned in the sea of Labuhan Jukung while they were playing a ball in the water. Five of them could be saved thank to the local people and a tourist surfer, while two others, Dika (16) and Bima (17) drowned to death and lost in the sea. The bodies of Dika and Bima were found afloating in the sea two days later by local fishermen.

The family of Dika Rinaldi didn’t have any kind of premonition prior to the accident. However, about three days before he drowned, Dika, who used to be a lazy boy and was annoying to his siblings turned helpful, docile, and obedient to his parents, said Juwarni, Dika’s auntie to Lampung Post at Pantai Labuhan Jukung (Krui town).

The behavior of this teenager who had just passed secondary school and had just been accepted at high school changed drastically.

“He told his parents that he would like to go to Krui with his friends just to have some fun. It is the first time he went to Krui, and he was very enthusiastic” said the auntie.

And according to his grandma, Dika made his own money to fare for a trip to Krui. He worked as a manol (a person employed to carry burden). He carried away coffee from the farms to the farmers' house in the village. “He was so recalcitrant, but out of the blue, he turned nice and docile. We really didn’t take any clue that he is going to pass away.”

The boy dreamed so much to be able to go to Krui. He was willing to work hard to get the money for the trip.

“When his father was going to Suwoh, he told him to take care. He didn’t use to say goodbye and gave a handshake to his family and friends before leaving, but this time he did.” 

Daliyem also said that her family and her neighbors came down to Krui to check as the SAR team kept on looking for the drowned boys in the sea. “We keep on saying a prayer to God. We hope that he’s OK and can be found,” she said.

(Source: Lampung Post)

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