Mandiri Sunday

Krui town were small this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 10 o’clock, Krui Left was small, and Krui Right was even smaller. Four people were seen at The Left, and nobody at The Right. A few minutes later came two guys with a bike to take a look. They said that they were coming from Mandiri. They were a lot of people at Mandiri they said. I left the beach and heading to Mandiri. Meanwhile, the four surfers in the water were getting out of the water.

On my way to Mandiri I passed by a lot of surfers heading to town by bikes. I guessed they had just surfed Mandiri, and the surf must have been empty then. But when I arrived at the Mandiri beach at about 10:25, I still see more than twenty surfers in the water, not to mention those who had just got out and hanging out in the beach.

Mandiri was quite big, but it was kind of disorganized, peaky and lumpy. However, it was fun for all the surfers who seemed to have come from everywhere. Two Australian surfers that I asked told me that they had been surfing from earlier in the morning.

It was a long morning for Mandiri. The other days when I was there, the surf was like over at about ten o’clock, but this morning it last longer. Some more surfers came over and started hitting the wave at about 11 o’clock. And they were still in the water at the time when I left the beach at about 11:30.

And Mandiri was probably the only surf that worked this morning. This guys that I asked told me that it was big at Karang Nyimbur, but there was only one people out, and he gave up after a few minutes, he said.   

PS: 4 out of 7 teenager-boys from Liwa, the neighboring town of Krui, drowned in the sea when they were  playing a ball in the water on Friday, July 5 2013. Two of them could be saved thank to the local people and a tourist surfer, while two others were lost in the sea and were found dead two days later. Thank to the tourist surfer. You’ve done a good job.   

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