Idul Fitri 2012

As usual, when Ramadan finishes, the Idul Fitri comes and Krui is packed with a lot of local tourists who come from every neighboring districts around the town. Coastal side of Krui is the most favorite picnic destination for people who live in the mountain side around Krui for the beaches around here are all beautiful.

And so is this year. Since Ramadan finishes at August 18, 2012, local tourists started the downpour to Krui from August 19, and only lasted after three or four days. On the first day of Ramadan, August 19, the flows of traffic weren’t so heavy yet. But on the second day, the torrents of bikes were so heavy and continuous that you have to wait for a few minutes before it was clear enough to cross the road, and on the third day, the traffic was even heavier with mostly motorbikes.

While the traffics were full of bikes, the beaches were packed with people. Wherever you go, you’ll see beaches packed with a lot of local tourists. But, however, the surfs weren’t very good in the last few days and there was hardly any surfers seen in the surf. And if you don’t like being in a beach that packed with local people, then it’s the right time for you to stay away and nest in your surf camp and wish that it will last soon.      

Next year Idul Fitri will come on about August 9 or 10.

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