Mandiri Beach Break

Again, the surf forecast was wrong. It had said that Krui Left would have been four stars, but turned out, it was small this morning. When I came to the beach at about 8:15, Krui Left was working small, about one feet, and there was nobody out in the water.

But when I turned to Mandiri, the beach break, I saw the surf was working big. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:45, I saw five people in the water in front of the camp, one at the beach taking videos, and three people at the platform at the surf camp watching.

The surf was about head high. It was clean but a bit unorganized. The swells moved from time to time, making the surfers ended at different place as where they started.  

However, the surfers at the surf in front of the camp pretty much enjoyed themselves. The two American that I talked to told me that they had been surfing since 6 o’clock, and finished at about 9:15.

At about 9:00 I saw another five people coming a bit at the south of the camp where I was standing , at the place where the café is. And when the surf in front of the camp was emptied, I came to the surf near the café. The guy with the camera told that they were from Canada and they have been surfing Mandiri all the weeks.

A few minutes later, there came another four or five people. They took the surf in front of the camp. And when I left the place at about 10:30, there were five people at the south near the café, and about four or five people at the north in front of the camp.

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