Krui Left, Tuesday

Krui Left was working this morning, and so was Krui Right, but only The Left was taken. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:45, I saw the Left was working about two and a half feet, but it was inconsistent, and I only saw four surfers in the water. The surfers hanged out in the water for long before they could catch a wave. And Krui Right was working too. It was the first time I saw the Right work this year. But since there were not many surfers yet, it wasn’t taken. 

And when I checked The Peak, it was working too but there was nobody out. And so was The Leftover and the surf in front of the Zandino’s camp—which work only in March and April. Both were working big but they were empty. A local man that I talked to told me that some surfers came to check but they left after a few seconds. It was probably the low tide.   

The four surfers at The Left finished at about 10 o’clock, and there came two German guys from the point. At the time when I left the beach, about 10:10, the two German guys were still in the beach eating some coconuts. They were about to surf.

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