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Krui, South Sumatera, Indonesia, is blessed with many beautiful beaches. Wherever you go, you will end up at the beach. This may be the reason why many people visit this town, and why this town is developing into a major tourist destination in the region. Apart from their beauty, some of the beaches are also surfable.

Pantai Labuhan Jukung (Labuhan Jukung Beach) is a nice beach for a sightseeing, refreshing, as well as surfing or body boarding. The beach is located in the town of Krui, Lampung Barat, Lampung, Indonesia. It's about a kilometer from the town center. The Beach is also famous for its surfs. It has two breaks, lefthanders and righthanders which are equally good. Surfs are usually good in March-October every year. Many foreign surfers come to this surf. Come, take your boards and see the difference.

Pantai Labuhan Jukung is the main destination for local people to hang out for some fresh air, to get away from their daily business. Any time you go to this beach, you'll see some people hanging out. In big holidays, this beach is usually packed with local from towns nearby. In Ramadan, this beach is the most favorite place for local people to visit before sunset, awaiting for the iftar (fast breaking time).

Pantai Way Redak is located about three kilo meters south of downtown Krui if you go by the main road. This beach is just next to Pantai Labuhan Jukung. It is actually much closer to get to this beach from Pantai Labuhan Jukung by the beach road. You can also walk through the beach from Labuhan Jukung to Pantai Way Redak as many surfers do, it's even much closer.

Like Pantai Labuhan Jukung, Pantai Way Redak is another fishing beach where you can see many fishing sampans parked by the beach. It is a place where fishermen start. This beach is very good for refreshing and beach walking. There is also a  surfable wave called ‘the A Peaks’. Though it doesn’t last very long, but the surf is fun enough for beginners. Many surfers drop by this place in their journey to and from the surfs. There is a dirt road to this beach which you can take your bike or your car. 

Pantai Walur is the last beach in a row by the beach road, after Pantai Labuhan Jukung and Pantai Way Redak. In between these three beaches there are some interesting spots where you can go. But they are not visited very much because accesses to this spots are not clear enough.

Pantai Walur is a romantic beach with tall and shady coconut trees. And falling trees in the sand is a unique view which you may not see in other beaches. Pantai Walur has a lighthouse which is typical to this beach.

Pantai Walur is most suitable for swimming for it has wider shallow reefs compared to other beaches. In holiday time, Pantai Walur is most visited by locals after Pantai Labuhan Jukung. However in the week days this beach is rarely visited since it's not so close from town.

Pantai Lintik is the only off the beaten track beach spot where you can go. This beach is a bit hidden, remote from the main road. This is the only beach where you need to walk long enough off the main road before you can spot your first sand. Unlike other beaches, this beach is less popular. Only those who have been told or read would go to this beach.

Pantai Lintik is about 5 km from downtown Krui by the main road. The only access to this beach from the main road is a dirt road, which covered with sheer stones in some parts.

Pantai Lintik is a beautiful beach. It’s a good place for beach walking. From Pantai Lintik, you can walk through until you get Mandiri Beach, southern most beach in Krui. But you'll get little chance to surf here since the waves are mostly junk and unsurfable.

Though a bit isolated, this beach is most mentioned in foreign travel book guides. European tourists often inquire about this beach for more information from what they read in the books. 

Pantai Mandiri is the last beach in Krui. It is located about 11 km from the town center. You can get to this beach by going straight down the main road to the south of Krui. Like most beaches in Krui, Pantai Mandiri is located right by the main road that you can check from the saddle of your bike or from your car seat while you are on your way.  It’s on the river mouth of Way Mahenay (Mahenay river) which set as the borderline of the Selatan (south) district and the district of Krui.

Pantai Mandiri has a vast grey sand. It’s one of the beaches around Krui that has no reefs. The sea water is clear, though the beach breaks in the shoreline are mostly polluted with sand. 

This beach is rarely visited by locals. On week days, the beach is almost abandoned. You are highly likely to be all alone at this beach any time you go. If you surf, the beach breaks is good enough to try.

Pantai Tembakak. The official name is Tebakak but local people call it Tembakak for ease. This beach is located about twenty km north of Krui town. Overlooking the Pulau Pisang Island, this beach is an ideal rest place for motorists and travelers who pass by on their way to and from Krui. The beautiful view of this beach is made of big stones that cover most of the seashores. The big stones that also function as water breakers and the view of Pulau Pisang Island are special attractions for passers by. If you have time, you can go to the island from here.***     

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