Labuhan Jukung Resort

Located right in front of the iconic Krui Left, this state-owned cottages are the rightest choice for surfers as well as sight-seeing travelers.

Away from traffic and the lush and shady situtation are other reasons why you should choose this place to stay in when you are in Krui town next season. The air is cool all day long and you can check the surf right in front of your doorway any time.

The platform cottages are made of concrete for its columns and floors, but the wall, the handrail and the stairs are made of wood.

However, right now there are only two units of building where you can stay in, each consist of two rooms, and each room can take two people. So if there are eight people in your party, you can see if yu can fit in. 

PS: If you stay in this cottage, you'll be charged per person, not per room.

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Guy on March 7, 2013 at 3:51 PM said...

is that right in front of rinaldis place? it looks like it

Hasim said...

Yes, it is right in front of Rinaldi's

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