Krui Left Friday

Unlike yesterday, Krui surfs this morning were clean and clear and pretty well organized, although they were not very big, but there was a lot of fun. The morning was beautiful, and the weather was clear. Fishing boats were seen scattered everywhere in the sea. It’s just perfect time to surf and fish. There was no rain last night, maybe that’s why the sea was beautiful and the surf turned good. 

When I arrived at the beach at about 10:20, I saw Krui Left working about two feet, and there were six people in the water. And at about 10:30 there came another two surfers into the water, so there were six surfers altogether.

The surf was quite consistent in frequency. It didn’t take too much time for the surfers to hang out before they could catch another wave. But they were less consistent in size. They were about to feet most of the time, but sometimes they turned bigger, about three feet.

One surfer got out of the water at about 10:40, but there came another surfer a few minutes later, and then another surfer. And at the time I left the beach at about 11:00, there were seven surfers left in the water.

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