Krui Surfs Tuesday

There was a lot of fun at Krui surfs this morning, with thousands of surfers out (joking). When I arrived at the beach at about 8:50, I saw both The Left and The Right working. The Left was about three foot with about ten people seen in the lineup, and there were about seven people at The Right. The Right was like being in perfect shape, but The Left was more like fat than it was long. However, it was fun for all guys.

The later the morning, the bigger the surf got, and more people coming to make it even more crowded with people. Apparently all guys from Karang Nyimbur got out of their cribs and hit the road to town this morning. One guy told me that it was big down there, but the swells were at the wrong direction.

And even later, the swells kept on pumping and more people coming. And when I left the beach at about 11 past something, there were about fifteen people at The Right, and about another fifteen at The Left.

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