Masao Kisaka

I have met quite some people who told me that they had read this blog before they came to Krui, and this Japanese guy is only one of them.

Masao told me that he had got nearly all information about Krui from this blog. And he followed the info to guide him to Krui. He took a bus from Jakarta to Krui following the instructions in this blog. And thanks God, all the info that I wrote was still valid. He took the bus that I mentioned and arrived in Krui without fail. No hassle.
Masao has a flair for language. He could speak English and Indonesian just as well. His English was very good because he had stayed in Australia for two years. And his Indonesian was so good because he had come to Indonesia many many times, and besides, he learned Indonesian from some text books that he bought in Japan. Before he came to Krui, he called a hotel in Krui that I mentioned in this blog from Japan speaking Indonesian.

“The surfs in Krui are different from other parts of Indonesia that I have been to,” he said when I asked his opinion about Krui surfs. “I’ve never seen such good beach breaks other than in here. Krui is the best for beach breaks,” he added.

Masao was so friendly with everyone he met in Krui, and I think friendly was just his nature. He seemed to have enjoyed his stay very much. Every time I met him, he looked so happy with his radiant smiles, and he liked talking and talking, and talking.

And as a tourist who stayed in a hotel in town, Masao had to look for his own meals everyday since the hotel where he stayed didn't prepare meals, three times a day. He asked me what the best place to eat and I referred to one restaurant that I usually went to. That was always my answer when someone asked my recommendation for a restaurant. I didn’t know much about restaurants in Krui. 

“Do you know … restaurant?” he asked me, mentioning one name. I had no idea about this restaurant. I never heard.

“It’s very good. I always have my meals at this restaurant now,” he added.
“It’s close from here. I’ll show later on our way home.”

Then he took me to a place where the restaurant was located. It was in a local neighborhood, away from the traffic, in almost a hiding place. Nobody would know this restaurant if they never knocked around the town.

Thank you Masao, you came from the other part of the world and you showed me this restaurant in my very hometown.
Masao came to Krui with two boards, but he only used one of his boards to surf.

“Only this one is suitable for the surfs in Krui,” he said. So he used the same board whenever he surfed in Krui.

One day he got his board snapped into two pieces and had it repaired by a local ding repairman. But he wasn’t satisfied with the result.

“It repaired like shit,” he said.

“It wasn’t smooth flat. It has angles appear from the breaklines. It’s not comfortable anymore. You know if you have angles on your board, you won’t be easy riding the wave. When I stand up on the board and push the front down with my front leg, it won’t go fast like before.” He added.

“I surfed Way Jambu many times using this board. But if I use it again to surf Way Jambu now, I will be killed,” he concluded.

I am sorry Masao.

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