Hello Mister Surf Shop

Coming to Krui without a board? Or you just want to learn how to surf while staying in Krui? Don’t worry. Now you can have all the surfing gears in Krui town, right in front of the spot.

Hello Mister Surf Shop provides for you everything you need to hit the water. Not only you can rent or buy a surf board or a body board here, but you can also buy surfing supplies like leg ropes, wax, fins, etc. And if you got your board broken into two pieces, or just a small ding, you can have it repaired here too.

And besides, you can also buy traveling things like sun screen, sunglasses, hat, or local craft souvenirs.

Located right in front of Krui Left, this shop is easily seen and accessed from the spot. So if you have problems when you are in the water already, you can just paddle out of the water and walk straight to this shop.

Furthermore, this shop also provides bikes or cars for rent, and photography service. And if you need to book flight tickets, or have your travel around Krui and outside of Krui managed, you can also go to this shop. Really, this shop is the answer to all your problems while you’re surfing and traveling in Krui.

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