Krui Surfs Tuesday; The Peak and The Leftover

Small and two much wind. That’s probably the right description about Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 09:40, I saw Krui Left working small with three people out. The Right was even smaller with nobody seen in the water. The weather was clear but the wind was blowing onshore, making the sea a little bit choppy and the swells were like lumpy.

And when I turned to The Peak, I saw the same thing. And so was The Leftover. But the swells were quite big and were like lumpy and crumbly with the same onshore wind. However, two people were seen surfing at The Peak, and another two at The Leftover. The Leftover was bigger than the other days.

This three Australian guys that I met at The Peak didn’t even touch the water. The just checked the surf and decided to leave the place after a few minutes. They asked me whether there was a surf without so much  wind at the moment before they left.

The other two Spanish guys didn’t even touch the water either. One of them went fishing from the beach with a fishing line while the other one played with his camera. ‘The surf isn’t good,’ said one of them.

And when I came back to check The Left at 11:05, the surf was even flat and the onshore wind was still blowing and no surfer seen in the water.   

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