December Fun 1: Beautiful Morning

Desember is coming, and the days are still rainy. The big flood the other day had caused some damages in some places. But the surfs continue, though the people are winding down. And when I came to the beach this morning, at about 9 o’clock, Krui Left was working quite big, and I saw three kooks in the water. This is the first time I saw the surfs work in this December, but it might not be the first though.

The morning was beautiful, the weather was clear, the sea was friendly, and the surf was working about three feet. The three people enjoyed the surf very much as you know three is almost the most ideal number for the surf. However, another surfer came out to join in at about 9:20, so there were four of them. And the number remained four till the end of the morning session.

Meanwhile, there was no other surfers coming by bikes or by cars, but I saw three other people in front of the camp by the beach. They were not surfing. One of them just hang out, and the other one was taking pictures with her nice camera.

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Donatbollonk is Here on January 5, 2013 at 7:12 PM said...

Dear Hasim,

I like the articles under the menu "Meet The Peopl", it seems you have big interest talking to the foreigners. I do understand it is more interesting to have conversation with the westerners because the topics are not boring and surely they are more open minded and could explain the details. there is only a few people enjoys speaking with the tourists, and it is good you are one of them.

Let me tell you that one of your articles has helped a traveller from East Europe. She sent me a question related to the trip along Sumatera, and I sent her the link to your blog which is much helppful.

I encourage you to keep writing.

Hasim said...

Thank you very much for your attention Mr. Donatbollonk is Here....

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