Mandiri Sunday

Krui surfs today were pretty much similar as yesterday; Krui Left and Right were almost flat with nobody out while Mandiri was good with a lot of people surfing. Yes, Mandiri rules for this last two or three days, while Krui Krui Left, Krui Right, and The Peak were losers.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:40, Krui Left was working small. No surfer seen in the water nor at the beach but Albert and Jimmy. But later, I met two other surfers from Mandiri. They told me that Mandiri was working good with a lot of people.

So I headed back to Mandiri after cehecking The Peak for a few minutes. It was also small at The Peak with  nobody surfing. The two guys from Mandiri left the beach without toushing the water.

Arriving at Mandiri at about 10:20, I saw a lot of people in the water. Unlike yesterday, they were many bikes parked by the beach, and two vans. The surfers seemed to have come from everywhere around. This German guy from Karang Nyimbur told me that it wasn’t good at the point. There were about five people surfed Karang Nyimbur when I left the place, he said.

The surf last quite long this morning. Another guy told me that it was better earlier in the morning when he started. He had been surfing since eight o’clock and when he got out of at about 10 past something.

Surfers came and in and out then. But surely there were more people came out as the morning got late. And at the time when I left the beach at about 11:40, there were about five people left in the water.     

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