The Peak Tuesday

Small but clean and perfect and glassy; it was Krui surf this morning; and the morning was extremely beautiful. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:40, I saw Krui Left working about one and a half feet, may be two, with five people in the water. So was Krui Right; it was small with nobody out. However, the break left to Krui Left was also working. It was bigger and longer than the other days. And I saw two people in the lineup.

And when I turned to The Peak, it was working too, with five people seen in the water. As Krui, it was small, about two feet, but it was clean and perfect and glassy. It just has to be bigger to make it perfect. And when I came back to The Left at about 10:50, I saw The Left was working bigger but fewer people seen in the water. This guy that I met told me that it was the best at Mandiri. Maybe that’s why not many people in town this morning.

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