Krui Left Monday

Yesterday one surfer told me that Krui surfs would be big, according to the surf forecast he read on Internet, but turned out, it was small as hell earlier in the morning.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:30, Krui Left was working small with three surfers in the water. One surfer got out of the water a minute after I arrived, but there came another one to replace. Krui Right was even smaller with nobody surfed.

However, later in the morning it turned bigger, about head high, with four surfers in the lineup. Some other surfers came from Mandiri to check. They said that Mandiri was also about head high with quite a lot of surfers out. They seemed to have surfed Mandiri earlier in the morning bause they didn’t bring any board on their bikes.

It was quite fun for the four surfers. And when I left the beach at about 11:40, the four surfers were still in the water.

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