Krui Surfs Thursday

Krui Left worked well this morning, but I wonder where the hell everybody was. Though it was onshore but the swells were kind of perfect and clean. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:10, I saw Krui Left working about two feet with only two people out in the water. This two people enjoyed the surf for themselves, one each, without being worry someone to drop in and hit their ass with the board. Nobody else came even to have a look from the beach.

However, when I turned to The Peak, it was smaller and inconsistent. It was even worse than Krui Left with more onshore wind, but nevertheless, three people were seen out in the water. This three guys from the camp in front of the surf were not long hung in the water. They came out a few minutes after I arrived, at about 10:00.

And when I came back to The Left at about 10:05, it was smaller, and surfer seen in the water.

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