Mandiri Wednesday

Small like shit. It was Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 09:05. Krui Right was fucking small with nobody out, and so was The Left. And when I checked The Peak, it was small too. It was even smaller than yesterday, and no surfer seen in the water.

However, when I turned to Mandiri, I saw the surf working like average with more than ten surfers surfing. The swells were just like yestefay but the people seemed fewer.

When I arrived at the beach perhaps about 09:20, I saw seven or eight people in the lineups in the middle, in front of the warung where surfers usually park their bikes or cars. And about three or four people at the southern swells close to the river mouth. And nobody seen surfing in front of the Mandiri surf camp.

This earlier surfers quit and got out of the water at about 10:30. And then came some young and energetic surfers by a car and took the surf in the middle. This young guys surfed better, moved faster, and splashed more water, and did more aerials than the earlier surfers, who looked old and slow moving.

Later in the morning, onshore wind coming and the water turned choppy, but this guys kept surfing. And when I left the place at about 11:40 this guys still surfing.    

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