Krui Surfs Wednesday

Krui surfs were all working this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:05, Krui Right was working small with only three people out. And The Left was also working just as small with about six people surfing. However, the swells were like inconsistent in size. Sometimes they were big swells, but most of the times they were just average.

And when I turned to The Peak, the surf was also working with about five people surfing. The swells were big but they were not barrels. Meanwhile, The Leftover was also working but it was no good. This Portuguese body boarder was the only one that surf The Leftover. And when I arrived at the beach, he was just finished surfing. “The water was too shallow,” he said. “I nearly drive my board on the reef. I swallowed a lot of water,” he added.

And when I came back to The Left, I saw more people in the water. The swells were no bigger than earlier in the morning. But when I turned my head to The Right, I saw more people surfing. The swells in The Right were much bigger than earlier in the morning, but they were like crumbly with no barrels.      

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