The Peak Tuesday

There was a lot of fun at The Peak this morning, and probably, it was the busiest spot that worked. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:05, I saw Krui Right working small and nobody seen in the water. Krui Left was small too with only one surfer.

However, when I turned to The Peak, I saw about eight people surfing, not to mention those who were waiting at the beach. Meanwhile, The Leftover, the spot beside The Peak was also working, and it was even bigger than the other days. The morning was beautiful and the tide was low. The swells were bigger and more fun than The Left and The Right. And later, even more people came into the water and make the surf even more crowded.

Most of the surfers stayed long pass midday. And when the rain came at about 1 o’clock, there still a few surfers left in the water.

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