Krui Surfs Wednesday

Small and onshore, that was Krui surfs this morning. When I checked the Right and The Left at about 9:00, both were small and nobody out but one surfer. But when I came to The Peak, the surf was bigger with four or five people surfing.

However, the swells were not perfect and clean, besides, there was no barrel. The swells just broke all the way from the top to the bottom. The tide was high, and the onshore wind made the sea choppy and the surf looked uninteresting.

The Chilean people who were waiting at the beach didn’t get into the water. They just waited and see, and leave the place after some time. And the people in the water didn’t stay long either. They got out of the water one by one. And when I checked the surf again a few minutes before twelve, the wind was more onshore, the swells were smaller, and no surfer seen in the water.   

And when I Checked Krui Left at about 10:30, it was small and uninteresting either with only four people surfing.

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