Krui Surfs Tuesday; The Southerly Morning

Krui surf would score 6 this morning according to one of surf forecast site yesterday. This is the highest score I ever read on a surf forecast. But turned out, it wasn’t very big. It’s just average. And didn’t look like perfect with barrels. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:15, I saw both Krui Left and Right working. The Right looked bigger with more people. But it wasn’t like clean and perfect with barrels. The wind was like blowing from from the south. 

And when I came to check The Peak, it was even worse. It was like more peaky and fat and shorter. Nobody seen surfing in the water. The surf forecast didn’t seem to have worked for The Peak. It didn’t look bigger than the other days at all.

But when I came back later, The Peak looked bigger with three guys surfing. However, it still didn’t look clean and perfect for photo taking.

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