Krui Surfs Wednesday

Krui surfs today were pretty much like yesterday. Krui Right was big but The Left wasn’t just as big. However, The Left took more surfers than The Right. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:05, I saw The Left working like head high with about eight people in the water. However, a few minutes later, more people coming and wnet straight into the water to join in. Meanwhile, The Left didn’t look like bigger but more people were seen in the lineups.

And when I turned to The Peak, I saw it just like yesterday as well. The swells were all like peaky and more like fat than long. They broke all the way from top to bottom, leaving no barrels. Three people were seen in the water.

And when I turned my head to The Leftover, I saw it working bigger than yesterday with about four people surfing. But about twenty minutes after I arrived, I saw two surfers from The Leftover paddling all the way to The Peak.

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