July Hot 1: Krui Left & Right

July is coming and Krui Surfs were small again this morning, and the tide was low, just like yesterday. But there were more surfers. Krui Left was like flat when I arrived at the beach at 9 past something. Small swells, about one feet, were coming over if you wait for a few minutes. And when I turned to The Peak, it was small too. However, as always as the other days, it was taken. Three surfers were seen in the water when I arrived, and a few minutes later, one more body boarder came to join in.

Coming back to Krui Left, I saw this men who just arrived by cars, changing their outfit, ready to go into the water. There were two cars parking by the beach. It was still small though, but getting bigger than earlier in the morning. This guys seemed to never mind small waves. Other surfers that I met before didn’t like small as the waves this morning. And the later the morning was, the more surfers coming. And some people turned to Krui Right as it was also working. But those who took The Right didn’t stay long in the surf. They gave up and got out of the water after a few minutes, and came back to The Left. And so there were more people at The Left. At the time I left the beach, at about 11:30, there were about seven or eight surfers at The Left, and two at The Rght.  

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