September Stroke 12: The Last Stroke

This last surf of September was small and almost abandoned. It was raining earlier in the morning, but the sky was clear and the sun was shining back later at about 09:00. And when I turned to the beach at about 09:40, Krui Left was working about one feet and there was only one surfer seen in the water. Some body boarders observed the surf from the beach, but no one got into the water at least until I left the place at about 09:55.

The Peak was working as well but nobody in the water but a French body boarder. The swell wasn’t very bad but it wasn’t very consistent either. It was quite big sometimes but most of the time it was small. This guy told me that the surf was too hollow and wasn’t very clear as the wind was a bit onshore. “Probably, it’s gonna get better in two hours, and there would be more surfers come,” he said. He also said that there was about seven other surfers surfed The Peak earlier in the morning from six to eight o’clock, but the surf was abandoned when he started surfing at about nine o ‘clock.

And when I turned back to Krui Left at about 10:45, it was even smaller and nobody out. 

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