October Fest 12: Mellowed Out

A mellow morning. That’s the right word to describe the Krui surfs this morning. The surfs were small and the people were fewer.

When I arrived at the beach at about 8:25, I saw Krui Left was working about two feet, may be more, and there were four people in the water. But one body boarder was taking his last wave and paddling ashore right at the moment when I was arrived, so there only three people left.

And when I turned my head to the right, I saw two people surfing. The Right was working as well but it was smaller than The Left. And it’s the first time I saw it be surfed in this last ten days.

And when I came to check The Peak at about 9:20, I saw it was small too, and there were two body boarders  surfing. And this two people were also taking their final lap when I arrived. No picture taken. And there was nobody else coming but local tourists.  

And when I came back to check the Left again at about 9:25, there was nobody out and the surf was getting smaller, and so was The Right.

This local surfer that talked to me at The Right told me that it was good at the point and with a lot of people surfing. But Mandiri was a mess and nobody out, he said.

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