Krui Surfs This Morning; The Right Time

Yeah, it was The Right time for Krui surfs this morning. When I came to the beach at about 9:25, The right was working big enough, with six people surfing. Meanwhile, The Left was also working, but it was small, and nobody seen in the water. You can hardly see The Left empty and The Right fairly full at the same time like this morning.

However, later in the morning more people came over, and The Left got bigger. And the beach became more crowded with local tourists. And then The Left got more and more surfers while The Right got fewer and fewer. At the time I left the beach, there was about twelve people at The Left, and about four at The Right.    

PS: This guy from Karang Nyimbur told me that it was big but lumpy there at the point. There were about ten people out, he said.

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