Karang Nyimbur Wednesday

Small everywhere; that’s how Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at 9 past something, Krui Left was working small with about four people in the water. It didn’t look interesting at all and nobody seen at the beach. So I left the place for Mandiri.

I guessed Mandiri would be good, but turned out, it was like a mess and lumpy. And at the time when I arrived, I saw only three people in the water. Where was everybody?

Just at the time I arrived at Mandiri, I saw a white van going out of a camp carrying some tourist surfers and boards on top of it. They were heading to Karang Nyimbur.

After taking a look for a few minutes, I left Mandiri, heading to Karang Nyimbur. And when I arrived there I saw the white van parking near the alley. They are from Australia. And it was their first day, a humble first day I guessed because the surf was small.

Yeah, even Karang Nyimbur was small this morning; it was about two and a half foot. And at the time when I arrived, there were about fifteen people in the water.

Back to Krui Left, I found it was bigger with more people. Four surfers that I met here yesterday came back surfing again.

Krui Left was pretty much similar to yesterday; it was short and powerless with about the same number of surfers out. Some other surfers came over by bikes to have a look, but they left after a few minutes. And when I left the place at about 12 o’clock, there were about four people left in the water.  

PS: This pictures are all of Karang Nyimbur.


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