July Hot 3: The Leftover

Krui surfs were small again this morning, but the tide wasn’t as low as the day before. When I arrived at the beach at about 9, Krui Left worked about one to two feet, but there wasn’t anybody in the water.

And when I turned to The Peak, it was small too, but there were four body boarders in the water. And The Leftover, the surf next to The Peak, was also working with two surfers in the water. It’s the first time I saw The Leftover was taken in this last week. Just like its name, this surf mostly left over most of the days; it’s rarely taken when the other surfs were big.

Going back to Krui Left at about 10:30, I saw two people surfing. It was still small, about one to one and a half feet. The tide getting lower, and this two people were still in the water when I left the beach at about  11:00.

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