July Hot 5: Krui Left

Krui surfs were working well this morning. It wasn’t very big but the swells were long enough for a fun ride. It was about two to three feet and sometimes bigger. And sometimes the swells came more in a row. And there were not very crowded with people. The Right was working too but it was small as well and nobody took to the water.

When I arrived at the beach at 9:05, there was no surfer in the water. The swells came one by one about one foot. And the later the morning was, the bigger the swells were. It turned about two to two and a half feet at 9:40 when a surfer got into the water. This only surfer enjoyed the surf for himself about thirty minutes before two other surfers came to join in at about 10;10. Then another two surfers came at about 10:20, so there were five people in the water. However, the first surfer got out of the water right away when the number became five, after surfing four about 40 minutes, and so there were four surfers left in the water. And this four surfers remained in the water until I left the beach at about 11:00. 

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