September Stroke 11: Medium

Krui Left

Medium. Maybe it’s the right word to describe Krui surfs this morning. They are not big, but not small either. And the surfers were not very crowded, but not lack either.  When I arrived by the beach at about 10:30, Krui Left was working about two feet and I saw six surfers in the water. But it wasn’t very consistent for sometimes it got smaller than that. There was no other surfer coming until I left the place at about 10:55.

The Peak

And when I came to The Peak, I saw three people in the water. The surf was working, but it was not very big. The swells looked faster and last shorter than normal. I rarely saw the surfers catch a wave. They just hung out in the water most of the time until I left the place about 11:20. No other surfers came and the three surfers enjoyed the surf for themselves.

The Leftover

Beside The Peak, The Leftover was also working. It was even bigger than the normal days. However, it was left empty, no surfer out in the water. And more to the left, I saw the surf was big as well but I saw nobody surf. The low tide may have kept the surfers at bay.

And when I turned back to Krui Left, I saw the six surfers still surfing in the water, but one of them was paddling ashore. The surf was just still the same in size and there wasn’t any other surfers came to check. This surfer told me that it was big at the point earlier this morning but it was a mess close-out. “Nobody out,’ he said.

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