September Stroke 5: Krui Left

Krui surfs worked again this morning, but they were vary in quality. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:30, Krui Left was working big. It was about three to four feet and I saw about ten people in the water, and some other surfers at the beach watching. Krui Right was small with only one surfer out.

But it’s strange when I turned to The Peak. The surf was small, may be the smallest it can get but I saw two surfers hanging out in the water. And it was even more surprising when I checked The Leftover.  The surf was almost flat and nobody out. It is strange that The Peak was small this morning because it used to be big as well as the Krui Left is big.

And when I turned back to Krui Left at about 9:40, the surf was getting smaller and there were only seven people left in the water, and some other surfers watching by the beach. This surfer that I met told me that Karang Nyimbur worked about six feet in the morning before he left. “But it wasn’t very good. There’s too much wind. And there were only about ten people out” he said, and so he turned to town. Other surfer from Karang Nyimbur told me the same story. He left his camp earlier in the morning and got Krui Left at about 6 o’clock. He was the first surfer to arrive at the surf, and he had been alone in the surf for about 30 minutes before other surfers came over.

And when I left the beach at about 10:00, there were still six people at Krui Left, and two at Krui  Right.

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