November Rain 5: The Peak

Beautiful morning. Though the rain continues everyday, but the morning was beautiful. And if you pass some lower lands you’ll see a lot of water pools and mud. The small river mouths at the beaches that was dried and almost closed in the dry seasons now break open and run water through to the oceans. And if you make your way to the beach through the lower lands you’ll not be able to pass though the deep pools of water.

However, the surfs continue rolling. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:25 this morning, Krui Left was working small but I didn’t see any surfer out. The wind was kind of onshore and you can feel it blow quite strongly at the beach.  

And when I turned to The Peak, I saw it was working even better about three feet. The wind was calmer and I think it was offshore. There was one surfer out in the water when I arrived, and some others at the beach checking. Then the three surfers joined in so there were four surfers altogether in the water. This four surfers enjoyed the surf quite much. The each had a fair share of the waves. But later, at about 10:15, came another body boarder to make five. And at the time when I left the place at about 10:30, there were five surfers in the water. 

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