Krui Surfs Monday; Romantic Rain

Working in the rain. It was the right phrase to describe Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 10:00, it started raining. However, the surf was working big enough and I saw about six people surfing The Left, and two at The Right.

The rain continue though it wasn’t so heavy, and the life must go on. And so was surfing. The guys in the water kept on surfing in the rain. Though the view was a bit blur, but the rain even made the surf bigger, more hectic, more romantic.

The rain stopped and started again and again until it was all over at about 11:00. The pictures here were taken at about 11:00 when the rain had stopped. And when I left the beach a few minutes past 11, about seven people were still surfing The Left, and two at The Right. Some other surfers were seen at the beach watching.

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