Krui Surfs Sunday

Krui surfs worked this morning. Though they were not very big, but they were fun enough. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:30, I saw Krui Right working quite big with only two surfers seen in the water. And when I turned my head to The Left, I saw about twelve people in the lineups. The weather was overcast and Krui Left looked smaller from The Right.

I moved closer to The Left, in front of Sunset Camp. It’s closer to take pictures from here though the view is too fontal and the angles are not very good. Later the sun shined and gave better light for picture taking but I never like frontal images of The Left. I planned to check The Peak but I never did because this talk to the South African guy didn’t seem to get to an end.

I kept taking pictures of The Left that I don’t like until the rain came at about 11:30.     

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