Mandiri Tuesday

Krui surfs were small like shits earlier this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:06, Krui Right was working small and nobody seen surfing, and so was Krui Left. And when I checked The Peak, it was small either with nobody out.

So I turned to Mandiri. And when I arrived at the beach at about 9:25, I saw the surf working with more than twenty people surfing. The swells were kind of small, overlapping, and not very consistent. However, it was fun for the whole people in the water.

The Russian girl that I met told me that she had been surfing for about one hour before she got out of the water at about 10:00, and so had the Hungarian girl. They are all beginners though. However, the Brazilian girls who surfed like pros surfed much longer. Their Brazilian guy friend who was behind the camera taking videos of the girls told me that they had been in the water for hours. This guy used a very high-tech type of DSLR camera. He told me that he was making a video for Brazilian TV. Wow….(y)

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