Mandiri Wednesday

Small like shits. That was the right phrase to describe Krui surfs this early morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:05, Krui Right was fucking small with no fucking surfer seen in the water. And so was Krui Left. The surf was like flat, and the beach was like a ghost town.

Turning to Mandiri, I saw a lot of bikes and cars parked by the beach, and the surf was working. Though it wasn’t big, but it was quite fun at Mandiri this morning with more than twenty surfers out in the water. And like yesterday, most surfers were packed at the swells in front of Mandiri surf camp. Only two surfers seen surfing at the southern part, near the river mouth. And just like yesterday, the swells were small, overlapped each other, and not very consistent.  

Mandiri was probably the only spot worked this morning. This guy from the point told me it was small out there and nobody surfed.

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