Krui Surfs Tuesday

Beautiful morning but the surf was just average. When I arrived at the beach at about 09:15, Krui Right was working small but perfect with barrels with only one surfer out. However, some surfers came by car a few minutes later, and some of them went to The Right.

Meanwhile, Krui Left was also working. It was quite big but inconsistent. Sometimes the swells were as big as three foot but most of the times they were smaller with seven or eight people seen in the lineups.

And when I turned to The Peak, it was also working with four people in the water. But a few minutes after I arrived came some other surfers by bikes. Two of them got into the surf joining the four existing surfers, so there were six surfers altogether in the water.

The Peak was also inconsistent both in size and in frequency. Meanwhile, The Leftover was also working with five people out.   

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