Krui Surfs Wednesday

It was a big morning, and both Krui Right and The Left were working. When I arrived at the beach at about 09:10, I saw The Right working big, about three to four foot, with only three surfers in the water. And The Left was working just as big with five or six people seen in the lineups. However, the session had actually just begun because I saw some other surfers on the beach putting on their gears, ready to hit the water.

Only a few minutes later, the surf became more crowded with people. At least fifteen people were seen at The Left, and about seven or eight at The Right, not to mention those who stayed at the beach watching. The tide was high and the swells were like pumping all the way out, and the wind was like side-offshore. But later in the morning, it was like taking a rest and becoming smaller and inconsistent. But, still, some set of waves came over one by one.

The surfers kept turning over and the fun continued until midday. Some surfers who arrived earlier in the morning only took a turn to surf The Right at noon, when the people in the water were winding down already. And when I left the beach at about 11:50, about eight people were surfing The Right, and about ten at The Left.

  1. However, when I went checking The Peak, it was small with only one people out.
  2. According to this guy that I talked to, it was too big at the point, and nobody out. “It’s scary. Nobody surfed,” he said. And everybody seemed to have come to town.


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