Ding Repair

If your surf board is not made of rubber, there is chance it will get broken while you are surfing. As far as I am concerned, some surfers broke their board a little, some others got their boards snapped into two pieces. And if you don’t have a spare board, or if your spare board has been broken since your very first day in Krui, then it’s all over. No matter how much you cry, the boards will not recover by themselves.

The good news is there is a ding repair that can fix your broken boards at Karang Nyimbur. No matter how bad they were broken, the ding repairman can fix it. Just bring your broken boards to this man and let him do his job, and you will be in the water again for the next big days.

It will take one to three days for this man to finish repairing your board, depending on the condition of the board. If it just has a little ding, it will take only a day, but if it’s snapped into two pieces, it will take three days. And the cost is vary from less than 100.000 rupiah for a minor injury to 400.000 rupiah if your board snapped into two pieces.

If you stay at Karang Nyimbur, this ding repair hut is on your nose; you’ll pass this hut on your way to the surf. But if you stay in town, you’ll have to ride your bike about 22 km down south to see this repairman. Have a nice day.


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