July Hot 13: Karang Nyimbur

Krui surfs were working this morning, but they were small. when I arrived at the beach at 8:30, Krui Left was working about two and a half feet, I saw four people in the water. The Right was also working but there wasn’t any surfer taking it. And even the four surfers at The Left didn’t stay long in the water. They finished one by one, and the surf was empty at 9:00. However, I didn’t know what happened then because I left the place and turned down south.

And when I arrived at Karang Nyimbur at 10:35, the surf was working quite big. It was about four to five feet, and there were about twenty people in the water. And, as usual, Karang Nyimbur was epic with a lot of swells coming over, big and long and powerful, providing the surfers with a lot of fun, and never give them a rest.

The number of surfers in the water just remained the same from the time when I arrived until afternoon because they just came and go any time. However, one surfer who just came out of the water told me that there was no rule in the water. Some surfers just grabbed the waves all for themselves. They didn’t give others a turn. “They caught another wave after they have finished another one,” he said. And he only got three waves after being in the water for more than three hours. “Maybe I am tool old for this,” he added.

Pictures above are all at Karang Nyimbur

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