September Stroke 2: Krui Left

It was a beautiful morning and Krui surfs were working again, and this time they were big. When I arrived by the beach at about 09:05, it was high tide and Krui Left was working about three to four feet and I saw about eleven people in the water, and some others by the beach. Krui Right was working too but there were less people out.

However, when I came to check The Peak, I saw nobody out in the water. It was working but not very big. It’s smaller and shorter than it used to be. There were not as many people this morning as the other day. But the guy that I talked to told me that it was big at Karang Nyimbur, but it wasn’t clean and nobody surfed.

The other guy that I talked to told me that this week is a big week. “The surfs will be big again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” he said. And he told me that it was even bigger yesterday. So if you like Krui surfs you got to be ready for the big coming days.  Enjoy it.

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